Coming up with an idea for a post that’ll resonate with your audience takes time and effort, and it’s certainly not something you want to be doing on the spot. One of my best tips for never running out of blog content is to create one massive list of travel blog post ideas that you can constantly pull from.

I myself have my own list of ideas, which I’ve divided into categories such as “Destinations,” “NYC Content,” “Travel Tips,” and “Around The World Travel”—the main content categories my travel blog focuses on.

Every time I think of new travel blog ideas, I jot them down on this list. I keep the list in my “Blog” folder in Google Drive, and I bookmark on my Chrome browser so that it’s always accessible.

To help you get started with your own list, here are 55 unique post ideas that your audience will love to read.

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I hope the following topics inspire you to fuel your travel site with tons of new and exciting blog posts. If you’re posting once or twice a week, there are enough ideas on this list to keep you busy for months. Happy writing!


Destination-focused posts are always my go-to after a trip. There are so many unique blog posts you can write about a single destination. Let’s use Lisbon as an example:

  • The Ultimate Lisbon Travel Guide: What To Do, See & Eat
  • Top 10 Things You Can’t Miss In Lisbon
  • Where To Eat Well in Lisbon
  • Top Instagrammable Locations in Lisbon
  • 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Visiting Lisbon
  • The Perfect Lisbon Travel Itinerary
  • Top 10 Free Things To Do In Lisbon
  • How To Use Public Transportation In Lisbon
  • Where To Stay In Lisbon
  • What To Pack For A Trip To Lisbon

See an example: Top Things To Do In Lisbon, A Travel Guide

Woman in front of a yellow cablecar in Lisbon, Portugal. Here are 55 ideas for your travel blog that your readers will love to read.


Possibly one of my favorite categories, “Travel Tips” is a universal topic that everyone is curious about. Whether your audience is planning a weekend getaway or a long trip abroad, blogs like “packing guides” and “how to book the perfect Airbnb” can always come in handy.

  • What To Pack For A Quick Weekend Getaway
  • How To Pack For A Weeklong Trip Abroad
  • The Best Carry-On Luggages, According To Travel Bloggers
  • How To Plan An International Trip
  • Tips For First-Time Airbnb Users
  • Pros And Cons Of Airbnb vs Hotel Stays
  • How To Survive A Long Transcontinental Flight
  • Things I Never Travel Without
  • Useful Apps For When You’re Traveling Abroad
  • How To Plan A Group Trip With Friends

See an example: How To Plan A Trip Around The World

Woman running up a temple in Thailand. Here are 55 travel post ideas to fuel your blog.


Seasonal travel blogs can be similar to destination posts, except tailored to a particular season. I personally love reading them because they inspire me to visit different places around the world during different seasons.

  • Best Fall/Winter/Summer/Spring Destinations Around The World
  • Top Places To See Fall Foliage
  • Where To See Cherry Blossoms In Bloom
  • Epic Winter Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List
  • Best Things To Do In [Destination] During Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer

See an example: NYC Holiday Cruising With Classic Harbor Line

Woman smiling sitting on a booth inside a boat cruising around Manhattan. Here are 55 post ideas for your travel blog, including 10 posts you can create around your hometown.


The financial aspect of traveling is another hot topic. Everyone wants to know how they can travel more for less, and you can help them through these travel blog ideas:

  • Ways To Save Money For Travel
  • How To Find Cheap Flights
  • Money-Saving Tips While Traveling Abroad
  • The Best Travel Credit Cards
  • Top Budget Destinations Around The World
  • How To Book Trips Using Credit Card Points
  • Money Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling Abroad
  • Best Mileage Programs For Frequent Travelers
  • What To Know About Currency Exchange
  • Reliable Budget Airlines I Can Recommend

See an example: How Much Does It Cost To Backpack Around The World?

Girl standing in front of a temple in Hong Kong, showing off her travel outfit. This post is a guide to packing for an around the world trip.


Even if you’re not traveling as often as you’d like to be, there are hundreds of blog post ideas waiting to be written about your hometown, especially if you live in a city that’s popular with tourists. Even if you don’t, blogs about local restaurants and attractions are bound to attract a local audience. Let’s say you live in Miami:

  • 10 Unique Things To Do In Miami
  • How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Miami
  • Miami Hidden Gems
  • Best Restaurants In Miami
  • Top Instagram Spots In Miami
  • Road Trip Ideas From Miami
  • Top Outdoor Activities In & Around Miami
  • Miami’s Best Restaurants With A View
  • My Favorite Beaches In Miami
  • Miami’s Best Beachside Hotel Pools

See an example: Where To Ski Near NYC

The beginner area at Windham Mountain. Writing about your hometown is a great way to find blog post ideas for your travel blog.


I get so much of my travel inspiration from Pinterest and other travel blogs. The best part about bucket list posts is that you don’t need to necessarily limit yourself to destinations you’ve visited. By doing some research, you can come up with unique bucket list ideas that’ll inspire both you and your readers. Bucket list posts can range from destination-specific articles to ones focused on overall experiences, such as:

  • My Travel Bucket List
  • 30 Travel Experiences To Have Before You’re 30
  • Most Colorful Cities In The World
  • The Foodie Bucket List: Amazing Dishes From Around The World
  • Ultimate North America Bucket List
  • Most Beautiful Hotels Around The World
  • Most Epic Travel Experiences Around The World, According To Bloggers
  • Epic Hikes To Add To Your Bucket List
  • Epic U.S. Road Trip Ideas (or wherever you’re based)
  • 10 Incredible Waterfalls To Visit

See an example: The Ultimate South America Bucket List

Woman smiling in front of Machu Picchu. Here are 55 travel blog ideas that'll stun your readers.

I hope this list of 55 travel blog ideas has inspired you to create new content for your blog. Feel free to bookmark this page so you can come back to it when you’re out of new content ideas for your blog!