Planning a trip is an exciting part of your new upcoming travel adventure. It’s not for everyone as some swear by only booking a flight ticket. Nevertheless, when planning a trip, there’s a lot to think about, like getting a visa, your vaccinations, and figuring out an itinerary. It can be stressful and time-consuming; however, by following these 7 tips on how to plan a trip, you’ll be on your stress-free holiday before you know it!

. Plan a trip budget

The very first thing you have to do to plan a trip, and the most important, is deciding how much money you want to spend on your next adventure. Your travel budget will have a big impact on how you plan your trip, like where you can travel to and for how long.

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on a small budget, visit countries that are cheap to travel in, like Laos or Thailand. Shorten your holiday to be able to visit more expensive countries like Portugal or Italy. Alternatively, spend less on flights and travel by car or train by having a holiday close to home.